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The semester has begun... and I think I have a lot on my plate! Micro seems like it is going to be insane. I will have a lab quiz every time I have lab (twice a week). On the bright side... my lab partner is SO hot! He looks a lot like Edie's nephew on "Desperate Housewives." All three people sitting at our lab table quickly approached me to ask if I'd be their partner... so I had to accept the first person to ask :)

Sad news about Heath Ledger. He wasn't someone I would have pegged for an overdose... but after hearing about his troubles with sleeping and dosing, it isn't such a shock.

Anyway... beter get to work.
My little sister just called and said she'll be having her baby next Thursday... if she doesn't have it before. She will be induced Thursday and if she doesn't give birth they will do a C-section. I just booked my flight... I'm *SO* excited! Not that I don't have 6 other nieces and nephews...

YAY! Babies!
Temp outside right now... 2°F, with wind chill feels like -13°F.

I think it got up to 45 yesterday... but today's high is only 23°F. There has been ice built up in our backyard for two weeks now. I wouldn't mind it if it wasn't in the area where the dogs go to the bathroom. It looks like a huge chunk of frozen pee. It's really gross.

School starts Tuesday... I'm really excited about it. I bought my Microbiology book on Monday and it costs $165. There were two other textbooks required for the class... so which came to a total of $300. YIKES!

Keep your eye on the prize Violet... eye on the prize...

A New Year...

Happy new year!

I had a crazy headache on NYE... so I was in bed by 10:30. LAME! :) We weren't doing anything anyway though... just watching movies.

I have come down with a cold since being back. It started on the trip... and I can't seem to kick it. I couldn't sleep last night so I'm going in to work a little late. I feel really good right now... besides being congested.

I have registered for next semester. I'm taking microbiology, technical writing (I WILL finish it this time), interpersonal communications and a spinning class. I'll be applying for the nursing program this semester... and I'm really anxious to get this semester going!

As soon as I can breathe I'll be hitting the gym. Seeing all of those fit boys in the NW made me realize how much I've let myself slip :) I'm really looking forward to this spinning class to help me out too... I've taken it once before when I lived in Georgia and it made me drop pounds like crazy. Heres hopin'!

Merry Christmas!

We are in beautiful Seattle... and it even snowed today. The news says it is the first white Christmas since the 70's.

Cory and I went down to Gig Harbor to visit with my family. I got to see everybody... except for a couple of neices... it was pretty nice. The ride back to Seattle was not so nice... Cory and I saw a body lying on a stretcher along the freeway... turns out a guy was undressed and hitting cars as they drove by with his belt. A police officer later shot him and the man died. Kind of a strange situation...

Things are going pretty well with Cory's family. No drama... which is sort of surprising. I think we'll be heading back home on Thursday via Portland. We spent the night down there on Friday... I really miss it there.

Anyway... gotta get back to the family. Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!

Let It Snow...

It is snowing again. It was a little scary this morning because it was freezing last night (after snow/ice melting during the day), so the snow had a layer of ice underneath it. It is **SOO** pretty!
I'm so glad to be back home...

The trip to Vegas was fun! The Spice Girls were a lot of fun... although I think the show left a little to be desired. They (the Spice Girls) were comparing it to Madonna's "Confessions" tour... and there was a lot of hype all over the place... so I think maybe I just had REALLY high expectations... but it was still a lot of fun. Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and David Beckham were at the show... that was kinda funny. All of the girls sang a song from their solo cd's... except for Posh. It was funny because Victoria did a mini fashion show/catwalk strut... and the other four girls did a full on solo performance. I was thinking that Victoria maybe didn't have a solo album... but she did. Did she have a hit? I'm not sayin'... I'm just sayin'...

It has been snowing since yesterday. I think it just stopped... but it is like 25 degrees outside. It's gonna be really icy in the morning. I'm not looking forward to going back to work. I just have to work until the 22nd and we are off to the NW.

The semester is over... but I have to take a final tomorrow afternoon. I went up to the college to take the final last Thursday but the school had been shut down because of a water pipe braking. I have the grades for all of my classes in besides the A&P lecture and my GPA is 3.96. I don't think it'll go down too much after I take the test and get the final grade in... but we shall see!

Before I Go...

We are heading to Vegas this morning to see the Spice Girls! WOOHOOO!

We went to the airport yesterday to pick up my little sister's boyfriend... and while waiting we decided to go to Garduno's and have a margarita. After a couple of minutes, who sits at the table next to us?!? Admiral ADAMA from Battlestar Galactica! There were only a handful of people that approached his table... but he was the nicest guy. He kept asking the people if they had anything they wanted him to sign or if they wanted to take a picture with their camera phone. He was walking around wearing a BSG jacket and everything... it was too funny. Because we were sitting right next to him and I heard how silly some of the people acted asking for a signature, etc., I couldn't bring myself to approach him. He is so cute though...

Anyway... enough about that. I need to pack and get ready.
I got a call out of the blue last night from a friend I haven't heard from in years. If the timing had been a little different, I am convinced I would be living in Chicago with him... but then after the news I got last night... who knows! He is "straight" now. How the fu*k does that happen? When I tried to get more info about his relationship (how long they've been dating, any plans to get hitched, babies in the future, etc.), he was extremely vague. He told me they were together for 3 years, but beyond that he just said he didn't want to talk about it. Strange, no? When he casually mentioned his girlfriend, I didn't make a big deal about it... so I'm unsure of why he would hold back on me.

In other news... I think I will be getting braces. I went to the orthodontist a couple of days ago and discovered that not only do I need braces, but I need some oral surgery. Not removing wisdom teeth mind you (already did that)... but they need to brake my bottom jaw, make some incisions in the roof of my mouth and expand my palate... and all kinds of craziness. The healing time for the surgery is about six weeks... during which time my mouth will be banded shut (no, not wired). I'm not so much worried about not being able to eat solid foods for such a long period of time... but the surgery sounds pretty insane. I think I am going to move forward with it though... to avoid problems later on. I'll have braces on for about two years. Did you know it cost more than $7000 for braces? YEEESH!

So that is about it. My little sis is flying in today... so I have to get the spare room ready. It is also finals week... so I have to study for a couple of tests tomorrow.

OH YEAH! This Sunday is the Spice Girls :)
Man OOOO man... Cory's parents are here and they hate me.

I'm pretty sure that I have mentioned it before... but I need to vent for a sec.

Last night wasn't too bad. Cory's dad wanted to play the Wii... so it was actually somewhat entertaining. I was **SO** hoping to be able to play the boxing game with Cory's dad so I could kick his ass... but that didn't happen. Instead I settled for a friendly game of golf with his mother.

This morning (and it always begins on the second day!) was just like every other morning with the lovely in-laws. I never leave the bedroom in the morning with out showering and getting ready because I tend to look a little beastly (and they never miss an opportunity to put me down). When I walked out of the bedroom and into the kitchen to get some coffee, the coffee pot was empty and sitting on the stove. I decided to make some (even though I make it too strong for Cory's dad's stomach), and as soon as there was enough for a cup, Cory's mom pushes ahead of me and pours it all in her cup. She looked at me and offered me a donut, but when I went to the box the only thing left was a poopy plain one that had been 1/4 eaten. I returned to the coffee pot to ensure I would get some precious, precious caffeine... and logged onto the computer to do some homework. After finishing my first cup... I walked back into the kitchen for a much needed refill to find that my coffee had been diluted by a bunch of water. It really doesn't taste like much of anything. When I pour cream into it... it looks like watered down cream.

Anyway... I'll stop there.



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